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Friday, April 14th: Chicago, IL to Jeffersonville, IN for Euro District.

All of our events are open to anyone that would like to participate and are free to join. Just meet up with us at one of our designated stops and join in on the fun.

the plan

We'll be leaving the Chicagoland area from the Chicago Southland Lincoln Oasis on I294 (700 Tri-State Tollway, South Holland, IL 60473), at around 9:00AM Friday and heading South down through Indiana to Jeffersonville.

This is going to be down and dirty, no scheduled stops along the way, no pee breaks, just driving!!! Hit the road and get to the hotel as fast as possible so we can start partying!

Travel time from the Chicago Southland Oasis to the hotel in Jeffersonville, is approximately 4 hours, so with the time difference, we should be pulling into the hotel parking lot sometime between 2:00 & 2:30.