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We do more than just organize kick ass rallies…

We're also a full-service design studio. LBR has been helping events with quality design services for over a decade. Logos, posters, illustrations, show graphics, t-shirts, web sites, social media, flyers… you name it, we've got you covered.

Here's just a small sampling of our work. If you need some design work done, please feel free to shoot us an email (info@longballrally.com). We'd love to discuss your next project with you.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we've put together a sticker bomb collage desktop for you kids. Enjoy!

Dirt Syndicates team graphic/logo.

Dive Bomb Rallye shirt mockup

Dive Bomb Rallye logo/graphic.

Dive Bomb Rallye shirt mockup.

2016 Fall Tour Shirt Graphic.

2016 Fall Tour Shirt mockup.

Royal Oaks Car Show graphic.

Royal Oaks Car Show shirt mockup.

Limited Edition Euro District Poster

Matching Euro District Show Shirt

2016 Eurowerks Show Shirt.

Limited Edition Eurowerks Poster.

Limited Edition Eurowerks Poster.

Scooter's 2015 limited edition poster.

Scooter's 2015 Shirt.

DIV2015 shirt graphic.

DIV2015 mobile friendly site.

#chasetherabbit rally graphic/shirt.

MadFurther logo & shirt graphics.

MadFurther flyer.

MadFurther registration card.

Scooter's 2012 shirt.

Scooter's 2012 limited edition poster.

#LBR7 shirt & decal.

#LBR5 shirt & decal.

Scooter's 2013 shirt & decal

Scooter's 2013 limited edition poster.

DIV shirt graphic & social media.

#rallytothevalley shirts & decals.

Eurohangar2013 shirt, flyer & social media.

#bombtherunway shirt & decal.

EuroHangar logo, shirt graphic & flyer.

#LBR6 shirt & decal.

#volkSWAHen shirt & decal.

#oilpanrescue shirt for OEMSquared.

#scenerep shirt for OMESquared.

#dragonrun shirt & decal.

Dubs In The Valley 2010 shirt and flyer.

Eurowerks 6 logo/shirt.

GermanAutoBash shirt & flyer.

Campwerks shirt graphic.