So how do we say we're sorry?

Unfortunately, sometimes life just gets in the way of things. Work, home, money, priorities… and LBR isn't immune to this. Essentially being a one-man-show makes it difficult sometimes to get everything done and organized and unfortunately time got the better of me this year. With so much going on in my world I haven't had any time at all to work on any rallies for this year. For that I am sorry. I know that folks really look forward to them and it kills me that I just haven't been able to dedicate any time to them this year. I promise though that this is going to change.

rallyTOtheVALLEY will be happening as it does every year, only this year we're just going to get together and cruise. No shirts, no decals, no cost to anybody, just meeting up at the regular times and locations and rollin up to Oshkosh together. I know that a lot of folks are bummed that there won't be any schwag, but again, the amount of time and money that goes into the design and prep and production was just too much to be able to manage this year. That doesn't mean we can't all still roll out together and have a killer time like we always do.

I'm not going to leave you folks high and dry though, I'm currently in the process of working on 2 rallies that will be taking place later in the season (September and October) and will be happening right her in the Midwest, so stay tuned, you're NOT going to want to miss these upcoming shows.

We've branched out…

We here at LBR are pleased to announce that we are pushing to continue adding to our line of merchandise. Everything will be available in limited supply and will not be re-printed. So once they're gone, they're gone. ;) Get 'em while they're here.